Strong LED industrial lighting market growth

Strong LED industrial lighting market growth

According to Green's career at TrendForce LEDinside latest report shows that industrial lighting in the lighting industry vital, particularly to replace the lighting products (general store LED bulbs and lamp, etc.) fierce price competition, so more and more LED manufacturers hope to cross the industrial lighting to enhance profitability. LEDinside estimated 2015 global

LED industrial lighting

Market will reach 2.366 billion dollars in 2018 to 3.935 billion dollars then.

LEDinside research assistant manager, said Wu Ying Jie, LED energy-saving effect allows industrial lighting under prolonged use, cost-recovery ratio of household lighting competitive, more adequate incentive for industry to replace LED Bay Light products. In addition, to enhance and further reduce the price of LED lighting product performance, coupled with industrial lighting product margins will be more effective, industrial lighting market will be 2015-2016

LED package

Competing priorities and lighting manufacturers.

LED bay light fixtures for the largest proportion of species, which is divided into mining and general use with (ie, indoor and outdoor spaces for storage, sports venues, etc.), in the development of industrial lighting market as a major center of gravity. Because so

With LED light source

, No warm-up time, you can instantly spot off, coupled with long product life are also savings in maintenance costs, longer than HID lamps use more substantial savings in electricity bills.

Along with

LED technology

Upgrading and cooling capacity, 80W-250W LED High Bay Light products for the mainstream market, the luminous flux of about 10,000lm-30,000lm, illumination about 275-300lux. Because the product is not yet fully entered the patio lights standardized products, pricing strategies will vary depending on product specifications and region. Chinese manufacturers of products where prices are low and fewer product specifications, so the pricing is more fixed price fluctuation.

The main industrial lighting leaders including US GE Lighting, CREE, Cooper Lighting; Japan Iwasaki Electric, Toshiba and China Ocean King (002,724, stock it) has a good performance in recent years. CREE launched super power LED

Light, reducing costs while also making the structure more simple product design; GE light sources are modular and stressed the thermal design, product life of up to 100,000 hours.